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Ruby Social Media Art

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Social Media Art — We see a lot of poorly designed announcements on social media—this product helps keep even your smallest asset, a single post on Instagram, looking it's best. The package comes with multiple designs, leaving you with lots of options for announcing a launch, sale or an upcoming event. These can be used on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your blog—anywhere you want online!

Our Templates — All of the Hands-On templates are meticulously designed by Emma and Chelsea. Our designs are fully-customizable, meaning you can edit the text, colors, graphics, and photography without any limitations. We provide a wide variety of design layouts for each project, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your content or print multiple versions. All designs are provided in color and black and white, so you can start with whichever set of files you're most comfortable working with. All of our templates are designed and must be edited in Adobe Illustrator, so we recommend you have a basic working knowledge of the program to use our templates. ( For example: editing text in a text box, changing a color, drawing a rectangle. )

Included with your Purchase —

  • A welcome video tour from Emma and Chelsea
  • 10 designs ( 900 × 900 pixels, Illustrator files )
  • 6 stamp variations ( 1.05" circles, Illustrator files )
  • A Do's and Don'ts pdf with design guidelines specific to the Ruby Social Media Art. Click here to see a sample of a Do's and Don'ts pdf ( this is a great tool for beginners ).
  • Private access to our Customer Resources web page full of tools and advice. This includes—
      1. Access to the free fonts used in your templates / installation instructions
      2. Links to our favorite free Illustrator tutorials / videos and written guides
      3. Instructions on exporting your files for print / printer and paper suggestions
      4. Links to our most coveted color and design websites
      5. Insight into the gear and supplies we use everyday

    How it Works —
      1. Immediately after you checkout, you’ll be prompted to download your files.
      2. After downloading, you're free to open them up and dive in!
      3. The first file in your folder is a welcome video. Emma and Chelsea walk you through your downloads and explain how to navigate your files, ensuring a seamless and frustration-free experience.
      4. Next, you’ll download and install the free fonts we use in your designs. We provide links to these fonts as well as instructions on how to install them.
      5. The best part—start designing!
      6. If you run into any technical issues while navigating Illustrator, our Customer Resources page provides links to free helpful tutorials and support.
      7. When you’re ready to print, our Customer Resources page also provides step-by-step instructions on how to export your files and get them printed.
      8. Push your new designs out into the world and smile :) Done!

      Take Note —

      • Because you receive immediate access to your digital files, we're unable to offer refunds or exchanges on any of our products. Before purchasing, make sure to read our FAQS and that you have the experience and software required to edit our templates.
      • The photographs used in our printed samples are not included with your purchase. These photographs were taken by Melanie Riccardi for Melanie Abrantes.
      • Hands-On design templates cannot be resold or redistributed. If you have more questions on this topic, read our Terms page.
      • Printing services, paper, and the sample prints seen on this page are not included with your purchase.

        Tech Details —

        • All of our templates are designed in Adobe Illustrator and are available for CS4, CS5, CS6, and Creative Cloud. If you don’t have a Creative Cloud membership or own an older version Illustrator, you can download a free trial here.
        • What kind of computer are you working on? Make sure to read Adobe’s System Requirements for their software.
        • Files are compatible for Mac and Windows users.