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What is Hands-On?

Hands-On is a digital design shop, built by two graphic designers. We sell affordable, fully-customizable design templates that are ready for you to open and edit, all on your own. They are accompanied by supporting materials that make the editing process a breeze. This includes a do’s & don’ts design guide (for those of you that need a little additional help), clear instructions on how to export and print (we don’t want you getting hung up on that last step), and a private resource page with tons of tips and tools (because we want to shower our customers with treats). Our hope is that you walk away from your Hands-On experience with a deep appreciation for the power of good design and feel confident in your new visual presence!

Who are the Hands-On products for?

You’re in need of stellar visuals but you don’t have a large budget or the time to invest in working one-on-one with a designer. You want some creative control of your designs but you don’t have the confidence to start from scratch. Or maybe you’re curious about our design process—how we work with type, set up our files, or where we like to print our projects. Wherever you’re coming from, we’re here to help! Take note that a degree in graphic design or fine art is not required to use our products. All you need is a very basic knowledge of Illustrator (i.e. editing text in a text box, changing colors, drawing a rectangle).

You don’t offer a project that I need. Can you help?

Yes! We’d love to tackle a project that you’re in need of. Shoot us a quick email at [email protected]

Why are my visuals so important?

There are a lot of factors that go into having an outstanding and memorable brand. A great product, a powerful story, your written content, a passionate team, to name a few. The one big factor Hands-On focuses on, though, is your brand’s visual content — what we believe to be THE most important to a business’s success. We have a deep appreciation for everything visual. We’ve studied them, created them, and advised others on how to use them to grow their businesses. We are incredibly passionate about putting well-designed visuals out into the world and think you should be too.

Why not just hire a designer?

We are freelance designers so we’re very familiar with the differences between working one-on-one with a professional or utilizing a pre-designed template. If you’re on the fence, consider these key points.
  • What’s your budget? Depending on a designer’s experience level, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2000 – $10,000 for a full branding/identity project, if not more. Smaller projects can still remain in the hundreds and involve limited rounds of revisions. Our products give you access to thoughtful design at an incredibly affordable cost.
  • How quickly do you need your new materials? Typically, when booking a designer, there is a wait time involved. The project’s pace is also limited to the designers availability. With Hands-On, you have immediate access to your files and you control the turn around time —they can be complete in as little as a day!
  • And don’t forget, technically you are hiring a designer. The two of us!
We’ll admit our products aren’t for everyone, though! If the edit-yourself approach isn’t for you or you have a complicated project that we don’t offer, then you should consider hiring a graphic designer to work with one-on-one.

Can I get a refund or store credit?

Because you receive immediate access to your digital files, we don’t offer refunds, exchanges or store credit on any of our products. Before purchasing, make sure you fully understand what’s involved with the editing process. Thank you for understanding!

Can I share my purchase with my business partner or team?

Our projects are only meant to be used by the person that purchased them. We ( kindly ) ask that you don’t distribute copies of your downloads to other people for free. With that being said, if you have a business partner or a team, we understand that the templates purchased may inevitably need to be edited by more than one person. Use your best judgement and if you have any questions about our terms, email us.

Can I split my purchase with a friend?

You’re more than welcome to take advantage of our discounted Pick 3 or Pick 5 packages with a friend. For example, if one person only needs a single project and the other needs two, go in on it together and reap the benefits. No problem. What we don’t want to see, are both friends gaining access to all of the projects purchased. Be honest, please!

I’m a freelance designer. Can I use my template for client work?

We’d love for you to use our templates as a jumping off point for your own designs. Although, they need to evolve into a very different design before claiming ownership or including it in your portfolio.

Can I redistribute or resell items I have purchased?

No, this isn’t allowed.

Do you offer phone support?

Our support is handled completely through email. This is the easiest way for us to ensure that we’re answering all of your questions quickly and clearly. You can email us directly from our contact page using our simple form or reach us at [email protected]. Thanks for understanding!

Do I receive anything in the mail with my purchase?

Every once in awhile, we design limited edition packages that are sent to our customers. Join our mailing list to be the first to know when we release a new mailer. Other than that, all of our products are set up for immediate download in a digital format.

I can’t afford your products. Are there other ways I can benefit from Hands-On?

Yes! We send out freebies in our monthly Hands-On newsletter. Sign up here!

Do you offer custom design services?

We don’t offer custom design services but we want to hear about your project needs! We may be able to build a template or product that can help you out! Email us at [email protected]

Are you accepting contributors?

We’re not accepting design contributors at this time but might in the future! If we do, we’ll announce it in our newsletter so make sure to follow along.

Template FAQ

I have butterflies about committing to a specific collection. Help!

Try not to see this as an overwhelming task, but as an incredible opportunity to connect with your audience and start a conversation. Remind yourself that this is a creative process — it’s not going to happen overnight and it probably won’t be perfect the first go around. Your ideas will constantly be growing and changing. Don’t fight it, embrace it. You have to start somewhere and often times ( usually all the time ) that can be overwhelming. The fact that you’re here, exploring your options, shows us that you’re ready and committed to doing this right. The last thing to note is the flexibility and control you’re getting with our designs. The beauty of a template is you can change the content and colors a thousand times if you wanted to! You’re not having to commit to one design for ten years. If you get tired of your current design or your name changes or you move, re-edit the template and print another batch. Now, take a couple breaths, listen to your gut and if you’re ready, dive in!

How much Illustrator experience do I need to edit your templates? What if I need extra help?

It will be helpful if you ( or someone on your team ) have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator but it’s not crucial. A few actions you’ll be presented with are: editing text, changing colors, and resizing objects. If you have Photoshop or InDesign experience, you’ll find the basic tools to be similar in Illustrator. For those of you that have zero experience with Adobe software, we provide a list of our favorite online ( and free ) Illustrator video tutorials. Think through your decision to purchase and use your best judgement on your experience level, as our products can’t be returned or exchanged. With that being said, it’s important to us that we support you in moments of frustration or confusion. If you use all of our provided resources and still need help, you can reach out to us at [email protected]. We will do our best to guide you towards a solution.

How are my purchased files delivered to me?

Once you have completed your payment, you will be given immediate access to download your files. You’ll have the option to download them from the final page of your checkout experience or from an email you will receive shortly after purchase. The only exception to this is the Pick 3 and Pick 5 Projects. For those products you’ll tell us which projects you want and we’ll send them within 24 hours after purchase.

How quickly do I need to download my templates?

We recommend you download your files immediately after purchase and store them in a safe reliable place. File security and backup is your responsibility. The files can be downloaded from your checkout page or through an email we send you after you’ve completed your purchase. Your download doesn’t expire so you do have the option to wait.

How many times can I download my templates?

You’re allowed one download so keep those files organized and safe! If you lose them or accidentally save over the originals, don’t fret. We can resend you your order for a $20 processing fee.

How many times can I use my template?

As many as you’d like! They’re yours forever and ever.

What makes your templates different?

1. With each project, you get several design options to choose from. We covered our bases to ensure there’s at least one card to fit your unique content. And if you want to print multiple versions of your card for fun, our templates allow for that, too!

2. Some online printers offer templates that you can edit directly online, without having to use Illustrator. This might sound nice but we’ve found that they’re very limiting and restrict you to very specific type and color options. Don’t forget, Hands-On = complete control!

3. We’re not just sending you templates and disappearing. We’ve created an experience that extends past the shopping cart. We walk you through each step of the design process, starting with a video tour of your files, then loads of design inspiration, helpful guidelines to follow while editing, and most importantly, a clear guide on how and where to print your completed project. We’ve got your back, every step of the way. We want to see you succeed!

4. We offer entire collections that all work together! If you’re looking for more than just one project, we’ve provided you with the option to buy multiple pieces, all from the same style!

How long does an entire project take to complete?

Everyone is going to experience a different timeframe. The process can be as fast or as slow as you need it to be. You can begin customizing your project immediately after purchase. Depending on your level of design experience and the amount of changes you plan to make, this is where most people’s time spent will vary. You’ll also need to consider the printing process. Turn around times are dependent on the printer and printing method. For example, letterpress printing takes a lot more time than digital.

What does “fully customizable” mean?

It means that once you open up the working files, you have complete control over all of the design variables. Although, we don’t suggest over-editing! All of our templates come with a dos & don’ts design guide that will help you maintain the integrity of our original design while making your own unique edits.

Tell me more about the free fonts used in your templates.

After your purchase, we provide you with a download link for each font that sends the files directly to your computer’s downloads folder. We also include links to their online locations that provide their licensing agreements. And in case you need help, we provide steps on how to install on our private resources page.

I’m worried about the printing stage of my project. Do you help with that too?

We explain every detail of the print and production process on our private resources page that comes with your purchase. This includes how to export your files for print, selecting a printing method, choosing paper, and finding a printer. We want the final stages of your project to go as smoothly as possible!

Can I hire you to edit my templates for me?

As helpful as the Hands-On designs are, we realize that sometimes you don’t even have the time to work with a template. That’s why we’re now offering the design service, Hands-Off, where we edit the templates for you. To learn more, visit this page.

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