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The purpose behind our shop is simple — We believe ​you deserve access to great design, no matter your budget or timeline. We want your visual content to be outstanding, allowing you to feel confident ( not ​embarrassed ) when you hand someone your business card.

You’ll walk away from your Hands-On experience with fresh new design work but more importantly, the positive results (​ ​landing a client or job​! more sales​! more followers​!​ ) that come from having high-quality visuals. Never, ever, underestimate the power of GOOD design​. ​​​

​We put our heart and soul into creating Hands-On. We ​trust you will feel the passion we have for each and every product in our shop.

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Emma Brooks
Oakland, California
Born in Dallas in ‘87. Has lived in Oklahoma, Paris, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Oakland. Married to a scientist. Studied graphic design in a small town. No pets. Dislikes baked potatoes. Loves the “color” white. First job was a watch repair woman at Fossil. Planning a trip to India and Mexico. Knows every word to every episode of The Office. OCD about cleaning. Loves Pyramid Apricot Ale. Knows sign language. Is always sleepy. Loves work.
Chelsea Fullerton Jones
Austin, Texas
Born in Dallas in ’85, raised in Fort Worth. Has lived in Austin for over 10 years. Has a runt beagle named Alice. Graduated with a degree in design at UT. Drinks lots and lots of Coconut La Croix. Dislikes mayonnaise. First job was baking bread at a bbq restaurant. Enjoys Broad City, Fargo, and Survivor ( ??? ). Planning a trip to Portland and Oaxaca. Crazy plant lady. Loves taco night. Bad dancer, mediocre singer. Dislikes working on weekends. Always eating candy.